Our resource page exists to support Public Relations leaders and organizations in exceeding workplace diversity goals. On this page you will find access to diverse talent, best practices, innovative methods of improving your workplace culture, and new developments in the diversity, equity and inclusion arena.

Additional Resources
Additional Resources
Additional Resources

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10 Ways to Turn Your Commitment into ACTion

1. Link D&I Results to KPIs and performance-based incentive compensation. Learn more here
2. Diversify how and where you look for talent. Learn more here
3. Require at least one person of color on the candidate slate for all openings. Learn more here
4. Identify high potential people of color on your team/organization. Learn more here
5. Publicly advocate for and underscore company commitment to DEI. Learn more here
6. Mentor, Sponsor, and advocate for diverse talent. Learn more here
7. Exemplify and model inclusive behavior. Learn more here
8. Support and create opportunities to empower diverse talent. Learn more here
9. Evaluate diversity, equity and inclusion data on a regular basis. Learn more here
10. Invest in the continuous improvement of your Employee Resource Groups or Diversity Council. Learn more here and here

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